How it works.

First, we conduct a school-specific, in-depth data analysis that identifies thousands of eligible students likely to re-enroll and create a custom reengagement strategy designed to bring your students back. We build a seamless experience that will complement and enhance your existing enrollment process.

WE BRING BACK your students who have stopped out or have had a prior relationship with your institution, getting them re-enrolled and back on track to graduate.

WE EMPOWER students to succeed. Our secret? We serve as an extension of your team providing encouragement and administrative support to remove barriers to graduation!

WE IMPROVE  your stop-out retention rates and have proven to increase minority enrollments.

WE OFFER a turnkey solution to bring students back to you, on top of what you are already doing. Our cost-effective tuition share arrangements are easy to get started with no risk.

WE CUSTOMIZE our program through a consultative process. Together, we collaborate to enhance what’s working and strengthen what’s not. After we jointly develop and implement best practices, we hand the solution off to you.

By the numbers.

We partnered with Northern Arizona University’s enrollment team and in less than 36-months together we accomplished this…



Eligible Students









Annual Enrollments

Increase re-enrollment.
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