Operation ReEngage partners with colleges
and universities to dramatically increase enrollment,
retention and net revenue.

Operation ReEngage consults and collaborates
with your team to customize our program, and, when
you are ready, we hand it off to you.

How College and University Partners Benefit from Operation ReEngage:


Increase re-enrollment.

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Here’s How We Re-engage Students:

WE BRING back your students who have stopped-out or have had a prior relationship with your institution. We help them re-enroll, get back on track, and graduate.

WE RE-ENROLL students and help them succeed. Our secret? Our experienced team of Graduation Specialists serve as a central point of contact and provide encouragement, advising, and administrative support all the way through to graduation!

WE RETAIN students with ongoing coaching. Our goal is to help students see a clear path to graduation and to assist students in reaching their graduation goal. By closely collaborating with university partners, we remove barriers, and set students up for success.

WE OFFER a turnkey solution to bring students back to you, on top of what you are already doing. It is easy to get started with no risk through our cost-effective tuition share arrangements.

WE CUSTOMIZE our program through a consultative process. After we jointly develop and implement best practices, and when you are ready, we hand the solution off to you.

The Operation ReEngage team has driven some powerful results. Areas of expertise include:

Data Targeting Process Adjustments Graduation Specialists

With careful curation of a “house list” of students likely to re-enroll…

…. we helped enroll 1,100 additional students.

By creating a policy to speak to an advisor before schedule change…

… we saved 400 students from dropping out.

Through a central point of contact that advocates for each student…

… we improved student retention by 20% vs existing cohort.

Working together

to bring you results.

J.T. Allen

Co-Founder & CEO

Robyn Palmersheim

ReEngage Project Lead & Client Relations

Vernon Rucker

Operation ReEngage Lead

George Rohde

Student Success & Research Manager

Adan Salinas

Operation Graduate Lead

Martez Knox

Marketing Manager
Phone: 312-313-9885

Tom Abrahamson

Board Member, ReEngage Strategy Lead

Monte Henige

Board Member

Greg Finkelstein

Board Consultant

Don Hossler

Senior Advisor

Mike Sexton

Senior Advisor
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